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Digiprove is a privately owned company registered and headquartered in Ireland. It was founded in 2005 to realise the vision of the shareholders and promoters to fill a major market gap by delivering the benefits offered by the latest cryptographic techniques to individuals and corporates who need to prove ownership of content or compliance with legislation.

The traditional solutions involve the expensive services of lawyers, notaries, copyright registration authorities, and the like. Another alternative has been the deployment of expensive and complex software on top of the already complex corporate IT infrastructure.

Those online services that are already available either require their users to upload their content (which is cumbersome and raises concerns about confidentiality and trust), or are relying on processes which are not based on a complete life-cycle of confidentiality assured by cryptography.

We have patented a process composed of a series of steps, each using proven cryptographic technologies, to provide a new, convenient, and above all, secure service.

Digiprove services are available over the web directly to individuals and companies who register online. These services can also be provided through partners, who can offer these services to their own customers either as an add-on service, or as an embedded technology in their own products and services.