is a complete data management solution for brokers that incorporates:

Solutions for Brokers

  • Digitisation and encryption of all files and communications
  • Automated online backup
  • Secure access to your entire filing system from anywhere
  • Automatic evidence of authenticity and time-stamp of every document
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • Adherence to Data Protection Legislation

Move your data to the cloud using the software you have already paid for

Giving you:

  • A shared master file storage capability, up to date at all times for all users
  • On-the-road access to all documents in a secure way
    • From a Windows laptop
    • From your Apple Mac laptop
    • From an iPad
    • From an iPhone
  • Automatic back-up (up-to-the-minute)

To ensure your compliance to the Data Protection Act, the cloud storage is the EU, and all data on the cloud will be encrypted with a secret key. The service is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability of data. In layman┬╣s terms if you store 100,000 separate files, you can on average expect to incur a loss of a single file once every 1,000,000 years.

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