Digiprove Autoprotect

Digiprove AutoProtect

Set and forget! Select the folders which contain your sensitive data and Autoprotect will take care of automatically Digiproving your content.

Digiprove Autoprotect can be quickly and simply deployed within a team, department, function and/or group to address specific sensitive digital content (documents, files, audio, video). The customer can select a subscription plan matching the expected usage of the service. Because the software runs in the background, once a user has identified those folders which contain sensitive data, they do not need to worry about continuous maintenance, because the software automatically takes care of regularly Digiproving new or amended content with no visible performance impact for the user.

Autoprotect will run on a normal desktop or a server, PC or Mac.

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Sensitive content may vary from user to user, process to process, department to department. All the user needs to know is which of their digital content they wish to protect.

There will be many reasons a user wants to create trust now or in the future by confirming the authenticity and integrity of digital content, these will include some or all of the following:

  • Protection of copyright or IPR
  • Confirming at some future date the legal validity of digital content
  • Securing the trust of a stakeholder (Employee, Partner, Customer, Supplier, Service provider, Regulator etc.) that digital content has been identified, certified and should it be tampered with it can be immediately identified as such.

The Digiprove Autoprotect application uses the proven core technology of Digiprove allowing it to be deployed within organisations as a background process which automatically trawls the servers and desktops you have installed it on.

This allows all organisations to immediately start obtaining the benefit of Digiproving without any development work whatsoever. It is easy to install, it offers great value-for-money, and does not require manual intervention. Once you have configured Digiprove by telling it what folders on what servers need to be Digiproved, it will automatically create the tamper-proof audit trail that tracks all new or changed content.

Now you can add certainty and eliminate the risk of human error inherent in your existing procedures and the weakness of traditional computer systems, without introducing more procedures and red-tape for your people.