Digiprove Id-Verify Program

Using Digiprove to prove your online identity and protect your reputation

It is all too easy for anyone to impersonate you online. An email address and web-site can be obtained without proving identity to anyone.

The result is that many people have had their reputation damaged by impersonators publishing statements whether on Twitter, Facebook, or via web-sites.

To address this problem, Twitter provides an identity verification and mark for high profile individuals. However Twitter chooses who will get the benefit of this process and it is only offered to a relatively small number of famous people/entities.

Digiprove now offers an identity verification service (simply entitled “Id-Verify”) to its users, adding a significant layer of protection to their social media identities. By becoming a paid user of Digiprove’s on-line digital content protection service you may opt to have your name verified against the cardholder name your credit card details. Readers of your website pages, blogs, or tweets will be able to quickly verify that you have an identity verified mark on www.digiprove.com at a click of the mouse.

Tweet Tampering

In addition to ensuring your personal identity is verifiable, you should also be concerned that your text/tweet is received un-tampered and the reader sees it exactly as you intended. By Digiproving your texts & tweets as they are being issued you will ensure that the content is easily verifiable. This means there is a digital certificate created, which includes the unique digital fingerprint of your message, the date, time and your identity at the time you create your message.

Digiprove inserts a short link into your tweet that all readers can see. By clicking on that link any reader can view the certificate details and also they can cut and paste the text should they wish and have the Digiprove proof engine confirm its integrity and authenticity; any tampering will be evident.

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