Digiprove Selfprotect

Copyright ProtectionThe Digiprove technology is available to anyone with a browser – the Digiprove Selfprotect service is deployed on this website and members can log in by pressing the Login Button above. This is a self service web site for individuals or institutions that wish to protect their copyright, IPR or communications.

Proof of Ownership

Under Copyright law almost the world over, you own the copyright in your creation from the moment of recording it. However until now there has been no easy way to prove when that moment occurred. Now Digiproving your content establishes your ownership and copyright of your original works easily and cost-effectively.

Reputation Protection: Id-Verify

Add trust to your web-site and social media messages – even Tweet directly from the Digiprove website to create a proof of what you tweeted. This will thwart impersonators and allow your followers to verify that the content came from you and is authentic.   More…

Certified Email with proof of sending

Digiprove includes a web-mail facility which certifies the date, time and content of the mail. Use this when it is important to be able to prove the content of the message, or the fact that it was sent by a particular deadline. It is also faster and easier than traditional registered mail.  Send a certified email now.

Provable, Traceable Compliance

Most companies are already bearing the burden of increased regulation. However, not so many companies can be sure or can prove to the regulators that all procedures are being followed on a day-to-day basis. Digiprove provides, for the first time, a way of proving the compliance of your company with a unique combination of electronic integrity certification and verification – using digital records.

Confidentiality Assured

Unlike other services, Digiprove is totally confidential; file upload is not required