Do I need Digiprove?

Ask yourself these questions to decide whether you need Digiprove.


  • Can you prove the origin and history of your digital content?
  • Can you prove the authenticity and integrity of your digital content?
  • Can you prove the ownership of your digital content for copyright purposes?
  • Can you prove the ownership of your intellectual property?

*All these need to be proved to standards set out by the courts. Digiprove allows you to meet and exceed these standards providing irrefutable evidence that your digital content has not been tampered with since its creation.


  • Has an employee ever disputed the origin, history, authenticity or integrity of the contents of an electronic document?
  • Do you need to comply with SOX, FRCP, SEC, HIPAA or any other compliance regulations where digital data needs to be preserved and proved?
  • Can your company afford a lawsuit that could be avoided by the ability to irrefutably prove a document’s integrity and authenticity?

ISVs and SIs:

  • Do you have a software product that is struggling to create a competitive edge?
  • Could your software benefit from being able to prove the origin, history, authenticy and integrity of digital data (data backup, email archiving or HR solutions for example).

So if you are or have been in a position where any of your answers to these questions could become an issue it is likely you could benefit from Digiprove’s technology and it’s ease of integration.

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