Digital Data: When Can You Trust It?    (White paper)

Whereas our earlier paper posed the question “Can you trust digital data?”, this new paper was prepared to inform readers when can you trust digital data. We know that digital data can easily be changed accidentally or maliciously, we also know an IT literate IT hacker can bypass perimiter security, make changes and leave no foot prints. In addition we also know digital data is now used as evidence not just for legal and regulatory cases, but also day to day decision making in organisations. So how do we know when we can trust digital data? This paper looks at available tools and processes for data security and provides a process check list for Digital data provenance and integrity authentication.

Digital Data: Can You Trust It?   (White paper)

With the ability to prove the authenticity, integrity, origin and history of digital data becoming increasingly important for businesses from a legal standpoint we look at the question: “Can you actually trust digital data?”, as well as ways in which you can ensure the data you produce is trustworthy and can, if necessary, stand up in a court of law.

Secure the Content in Your HR Department   (White paper)

HR is one of the departments most at risk with regards to proving the authenticity, integrity and provenance of digital data. This is due to the large volume of employee communications and the need to prove the originality of important documents, such as employment contracts to name but one. This is essential reading for anybody in the HR industry who wants to protect their organisation from the risks of non-compliance with regulations and to protect the organisation’s legal position in general.

Top 10 Pitfalls in Protecting Digital Content   (White paper)

In this white paper we examine the mistakes which people make when it comes to securing and protecting their digital data. Download it now to make sure you are not falling into some of these common traps.

Digital Data: Can You Trust It?    (Webinar)

The follow up to our white paper this webinar goes into more detail about the importance of ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your digital data. Hosted by Digiprove CEO Cian Kinsella, we also look at how you can make your data trustworthy!

Software Developers Kit

With this software developer’s kit you can integrate Digiprove’s technology with your current software. Any software developer which may benefit from being able to prove the authenticity, integrity and provenance of digital data can benefit from using our technology. So whether you’re a data backup company or a HR sofware developer Digiprove could offer you an extreme competitive advantage.