Entrepreneur FAQ’s

Will my solution have some exclusivity?
Yes but until the exclusivity threshold is achieved, it will be considered a temporary exclusivity. The permanent exclusivity criteria will be agreed and documented in the agreement; if the criteria are achieved then exclusivity will be extended. During the temporary exclusivity period Digiprove will commit not to enter into any agreement with another partner that would be in direct competition.

Will Digiprove provide direct financial support?
No, if an agreement is put in place Digiprove will invest time, expertise and products as well as strongly discounted transaction rates, which only come into play when the partner’s solution is deployed for commercial gain. It costs the entrepreneur nothing until they are earning revenue from their business.

However, the Digiprove founder and management team have extensive business start-up and successful exit experience. The support you will receive will go beyond the specific technology solution, and will focus on how we can help you make your business successful so we can be successful. Should an entrepreneur offer the opportunity to invest, then at the individual’s discretion they may choose to invest or to assist with raising funds through our network of contacts in the funding world.

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