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Entrepreneur Program


Digiprove has developed a unique and patented process for securing the provenance and integrity of any type of digital content. It also provides a means for verification of any Digiproved content. The system is unique in that it does not require content to be sent to us, thus it always remains confidential. There are many applications of this technology, and several ISVs have integrated this technology to differentiate their solution by creating trust in the digital content/data their software manages. The core application of Digiprove can be seen and tested (Test drive the technology). Digiprove has a core competence in security and software development and wants to focus on building the capability and functionality of the core proof engine and the means of enabling others use this unique technology.

The Entrepreneur program was designed to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurs to build their products and business while leveraging Digiprove’s technology and data trust services. Within the program participating entrepreneurs will have free access to our technology and the Software Development Kit (SDK), expert support not just around the technology but around their business and support for the launch and development of their business.

So what’s in it for Digiprove?

  • Ultimately more revenues and clients as entrepreneurs secure their own clients and revenues.
  • More rapid application of Digiprove’s technology to the many different business and technical solution areas it can address.
  • Digiprove can focus on its core competence and business, while its partners can focus on their specific end user market.

Why might I consider becoming involved in the Digiprove Entrepreneur Program?

  • I can strengthen the value of current or planned software by integrating Digiprove.
  • I can add strong regulatory or business compliance features into a current or planned software project.
  • I can see an application of Digiprove technology that I can make money from or build a business around.
  • I understand one of the Digiprove pre-qualified solution areas and see a business opportunity to quickly get to market.
  • I want to start a new business or introduce a new product that leverages the web/digital world.

How does it work for me the partner entrepreneur?

There are two routes you can follow:

  1. You bring your opportunity to Digiprove and we will help you qualify if there is a business case for integration of Digiprove technology.
  2. You select from the Digiprove Solution arena, these are business opportunities we have identified as potential to create products and services that have a strong ROI by integration of Digiprove technology.

What are the supports that Digiprove provides? (Link)

How do I become a Digiprove entrepreneur partner ?

It is very straightforward, just complete the form. What we would like to know is a bit about you, your company, and the business opportunity that you are considering. We will treat everything you tell us as confidential, unless it is already in the public domain (and is legal). If you wish you can use the Digiprove Certified Email service (see link in menu bar above), sending your idea to enquiries@digiprove.com.

Once we review your submission, one of our directors will contact you to discuss further how we can work together and identify the series of next steps if appropriate.