How Digiprove Works

Digiprove - How it works

When you Digiprove any piece of digital content, you create irrefutable evidence that it exists in exactly that form at that point in time, and that you are in possession of it. This can be very important to individuals and companies to:

  • Prove (to regulators, auditors, non-executive directors, etc.) compliance to regulation
  • Prove ownership of intellectual property (copyrights, designs, and inventions)
  • Prove the content of emailed communications
  • Protect legal position in case of any future dispute

Furthermore, the Digiprove process captures the digital fingerprint of the content. This is used to uniquely identify that piece of content, and the Digiprove verification process can therefore detect any content that has been changed (maliciously or otherwise), and raise the alarm.

The digital content to be Digiproved can be any kind of file (even a zip file), a piece of text, a web page, etc.

The core process of Digiproving digital content is the same, regardless of which of our products you are using. Using “Selfprotect”, you can see the process as it occurs. While using Autoprotect”, Webprotect” or integrated solutions it just happens automatically in the background.


Step by Step

  1. The content is selected – in a browser for instance it is simply a matter of selecting the file or files containing the content. In a Content Management system, all published content will be selected automatically.  Or you can configure Autoprotect to Digiprove all new or changed files in given folders.
  2. The “digital fingerprint” of the content will be calculated by Digiprove’s “Proof Engine”.  This can be used later to uniquely identify your content. Your content does not need to be uploaded to our servers so you can be absolutely certain of confidentiality.
  3. You will receive a Digiprove certificate by email proving that you are in possession of the content with this fingerprint, date and time stamped.  The certificate may contain other metadata such as your name, location etc.


Proving it later

As long as you retain a copy of your original file or content, you will be able to prove absolutely and irrefutably in future that you had possession of it.

The proving process examines the Digiprove certificate and your content file to ensure that the certificate is valid and the content’s fingerprint is identical to what is certified. This can be performed online here or offline on your own PC using our Digiprove Validator program.