Digiprove Corporate
Digiprove is not just for large enterprises. Many small to medium size companies often overlook the importance of protecting their digital content and their processes. These organisations have to carry out all the normal functional processes and create value in their organisation with more limited resources than a larger enterprise. Also, these organisations often have less capacity to absorb a risk if it materialises. So anything that makes the business more efficient, compliant and protects the business with little or no overhead is of value.

Using Digiprove Autoprotect running in the background on PCs or Desktops ensures that when sensitive data is created, loaded or changed peace of mind can be had by creating non-repudiable evidence of content ownership and integrity. If at any future time there is a need to prove the authenticity or integrity of digital content then the verify function quickly provides confirmation of the content, ownership and date and will identify if the original content has been tampered with. The key users identify folders where sensitive content is or will be located and all data in those folders will be automatically protected. Some examples:

  1. Protecting copyright and intellectual property.
  2. Maintaining the authenticity and integrity of HR records to provide evidence of compliance, perhaps for a legal challenge around employment law or regulatory compliance such as Health and Safety training and related records.
  3. Procurement and financial records used for decision making, reporting and good practice which may be the subject of external evaluation or audit.
  4. Legal digital content that is exchanged between stakeholders.