Human Resources

Human Resources

In the relationship between an organisation and its employees, the provision of information and maintenance of records is a fundamental requirement in order to demonstrate best HR operational practice and compliance with employment law and regulations. All of this information and most of the records originate in digital/electronic format and are stored digitally. Digital information and IT systems bring huge benefits to an organisation, however digital information is easy to change as is its history or audit trail. The members of the organisation and 3rd parties must be able to trust the authenticity and integrity of the digital information in an organisation and in some cases it must provide irrefutable evidence to resolve an internal or external audit or challenge.

By adopting a solution such as Digiprove Autoprotect your organization can mitigate against the security and “trust” risks relating to critical digital records regardless of format or type and you can safely confirm:

  • The authenticity & integrity of HR-related digital content
  • The audit trail relating to HR digital content
  • Confirmation of adherence to HR processes and time-lines
  • Non repudiable evidence relating to HR digital content.

How It Works

Digiprove is a service that supplies independent time-stamped proof of content. Think of it as a Digital Notary. It automatically takes the digital fingerprint of all content submitted to it and provides certification of its existence.

It does this by encoding and time-stamping the relevant digital content and issuing a digitally signed certificate referencing this content. The service is based on a patented process and the proof is indisputable.

How Can Digiprove Solve HR Compliance Challenges?

  • Compliance (Legislations & Process)
  • Secure Audit Trail (Sequence of events)
  • Tamper Proof (Evidence)
  • Data Protection (Trust & Security)