Someone Stole my Content!

The fact that you are a Digiprove user positions you well to pursue a content thief. You can produce irrefutable time-stamped proof of the existence of your original content But how do you use this effectively when someone steals your content?

First of all, we are assuming that you are the originator (original author) of the content in question. If not, then Digiproving is of limited value. If you have been a victim, here is a step-by-step guide:


If your content was published via WordPress:

  • Go to Revisions page for that post and select the earliest revision that contains the content that has been stolen.
  • Click on “Check Digiprove Status” button, and you should see details of the corresponding Digiprove certification (if that revision was Digiproved)
  • Click on the button “Show Certification Statement”
  • Copy the certification statement shown in the alert box (something like “Digiprove certifies ..“)


  • Go to My Digiprove in the Digiprove Member’s web-site
  • Browse to the relevant Digiprove transaction for the content in question
  • Click on the “More” button
  • In the pop-up window, Click on the “Shareable Verify Link”
  • In the Certification web-page, click on “View Certificate”
  • Copy the certification statement shown on that web-page (something like “Digiprove has issued certificate P489429 certifying this content…“) and the details below.


These actions are inexpensive and may prove effective. If not, then you have at least prepared the groundwork for a professional legal practitioner or firm to follow up for you.

Standard “cease and Desist” Certified Email template


Dear Sirs (or full name if known)

Since at or before DD Mmmmmmmm 20nn, your web-site at has contained a copy of content of which I am / we are the originator(s) and copyright holder(s). This publication is without permission or license from me/us and is therefore infringing my/our copyright.

The content in question was originally published at It is accompanied there by a standard Copyright notice. This original content and its provenance has also been registered by Digiprove (; please take note of the certification statement by Digiprove:

[insert Digiprove Certification Statement]

Some or all of this content has been copied and published on your web-site at

Under United States and world-wide copyright law, copyrights on this content have been in effect since the date that this content was created. I/We assert that I/we created this content on or before the date of Digiprove certification, and this certification can be used to prove my/our possession of this content at the date/time in question. By publishing or disseminating this content, you are in violation of copyright laws.

I/We demand that you immediately cease and desist your unlawful publication and/or dissemination of this work. Please also refrain from any further copying, publication or dissemination of any of my/our other content.

If you continue to infringe my/our copyright, this action will be evidence of wilful infringement. I/We will be entitled to seek punitive damages and restitution for financial losses, including loss of revenue and legal costs.

If you have not complied with this demand within 10 (ten) days, I/we intend to initiate legal proceedings without any further notice.


(Include name, email address, and postal address)