Tagging your content

Once you have protected your content with Digiprove, it is important to tag it whenever you share it online, include it in a digital document or display it for public consumption.  There are two ways of tagging your content, depending on how you are using Digiprove.

Copyright Proof Users

For users of Copyright Proof, our WordPress plugin, this tag is generated at the time of publishing every blog post.  But did you know you can customise it?  Just log in to your WordPress control panel and go to Settings – Copyright Proof – Advanced.  On this tab you’ll find options to change the text of the notice, to include your name or not and even to change the colour and size of the notice to make it more or less prominent to your readers.

Digiprove.com Users

For non-Wordpress users who Digiprove their content directly in the Digiprove members area, or users of Digiprove Autoprotect, you will need to generate your tags here  (choose HTML or dowloadable image) and display them with your content.  You can choose from a selection of texts to display in the tag or get creative with your own text.

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