What We Do

Having designed and developed a secure and reliable method of making the digital content absolutely trustworthy, we have added a number of products that exploit this technology to deliver business benefits to corporates, professionals, and individuals. These include:

Selfprotect www service for quick and easy certification online
Autoprotect: A background utility that continuously protects critical content and folders
Signature: An application that enables any form of e-signature (incl stylus written) be used
Webprotect Enables web publishers and bloggers to protect all their content automatically through WordPress plug-in
Brokerprove: Enables regulated SME Financial advisors to take their business on-line remaining compliant.

Our primary focus is to help others take advantage of this technology. The range of applications is very wide, and we give some examples below. There is an online API to our services to facilitate this; this is available without cost and is described at Integrating to Digiprove’s API. In addition, we can supply our SDK (Software Development Kit) to developers who want to integrate our services into software applications and products.

Advice and Help for our Partners

We will engage with you in a meaningful and helpful way to help you determine whether these services can help you improve your application/product or solve a problem. For qualified partners we will actively advise and help where appropriate in helping with the deployment (and integration if appropriate).

Use Cases for Digiprove technology

  • Fraud Prevention & Detection (tamper-proof audit trails)
  • Proof of Compliance (Sox, FDA 21/11, etc.)
  • Protect Legal Position (all communications and documents)
  • Enable move to Digital-only Document environment
  • HR: Critical documentation relating to Performance Management, Policy Compliance, Staff Records and Health & Safety need to be trusted by stakeholders and could be externally examined as evidence.
  • Procurement: Processes and records need to be transparent, fair and open to scrutiny especially where formal tender processes are used and can be open to legal challenge.
  • Finance: Time sheets, invoices, spreadsheets, accounts are subject to internal and external scrutiny and regulatory compliance and must be beyond reproach.
  • eDiscovery: Once digital evidence has been found it must be forensically secured and non-tamper evidence may be required at a later date. Digiprove fingerprinting and audit trail secures the content.
  • mCommerce: Sales, Service, Delivery & Monitoring processes for mobile workforce are now the norm. Creating trust in the integrity and authenticity of the process is now often managed by some form of electronic signature at point of interaction (Contracts, Metrics, Invoice delivery, Notes). Digiprove Signature secures these binding agreements/records.
  • eHealth: Continuous Improvement in patient outcomes and healthcare are derived from Information technology. Patient records being a central area, the access , integrity and authenticity of these records must be paramount for success. Digiprove can confirm authenticity and evidence of tampering.
  • Cloud: Cloud Service providers and data centres need to assure their users that when their digital content is in their care it is protected. As customer content is received it can be digiproved and certificates can be sent to customer. Alternatively the customer can control the process.
  • Web content: The public face of an individual or institution, real-time monitoring of the integrity and authenticity of published data is becoming more critical as the sophistication of hackers becomes greater. Digiprove can provide indications of tampering.