Who We Are

Digiprove brings together over 100 man-years of business and technical expertise from its founding management team, who came together to solve problems relating to trust in digital content, by building innovative patented technology processes that:

  • Provide absolute proof of digital content provenance, timestamp and other metadata, independently certified.
  • Create tamper-proof audit trails relating to that content
  • Verify the integrity and authenticity of any “Digiproved” (certified) digital content.

What the experts say:

“… the process described in the patent does indeed provide a tamper-proof way to show that digital data has not changed since its timestamp. The process also provides a provision to validate any alteration made after it has been time stamped… the software does faithfully implement the patented ‘Digiprove’ process providing an authenticated method for establishing proof of existence and possession of digital content of any kind.”

We are a technology solutions provider with specific expertise and experience in the Banking and Financial Services Sector, though our technology has application across all organisation domains. Our customers select our products and technologies because they improve productivity, effectiveness and compliance in how they process and manage digital assets on their current platforms and infrastructure.

Our business model is software which is service based so customers only pay for the value they derive from our solutions through usage. Our products, or other products and applications which use the Digiprove services, access our cloud based “Proof Engine” in a secure and confidential way to create the certification and audit trail for any digital content.