Why Digiprove?

Digital content is more fragile and vulnerable than most people realise. Digital data can be changed in an instant, and this very fact that is a key ingredient of the technology-enabled world we live in today, also undermines the trust we can have in our content. Data can be changed accidentally for example because of software bugs or it can be changed maliciously. And the more valuable the data is the more motive there can be for malicious alteration. Unless specific measures are taken to protect your data it is quite easy for an educated hacker to make such changes in an undetectable way.

Digiprove addresses this risk by creating trust in digital content.

Creating certainty that any content is as it was on the date of certification is useful e.g. in:

  • Proving compliance
  • Creating evidence for potential legal examination
  • Proving copyright
  • Establishing trust in content being viewed or disseminated, especially from the Cloud
  • Threat detection
  • Automatically detect if content changed outside permitted channels
  • Early alarm for attempted fraud
  • Early alarm for data corruption

If you have content that is valuable or could potentially have legal significance you are almost certainly already taking steps to ensure that this data is backed up, and perhaps you have applied encryption to ensure privacy. But can you be certain that these digital assets have not been tampered with or altered, and perhaps more importantly can you prove to others that this content is authentic?

We allow you to do this by providing products and tools that leverage our patented technology “Proof Engine” and are easy to deploy as part of a holistic information security environment. Our customers can have confidence that their digital content/assets are protected, and can prove compliance to data protection and other legislation governing electronic records. This allows them to move more of their business to the digital world, and to embrace the Cloud and the benefits it brings.

Digiprove products co-exist with current software investments and do not need any modifications or replacements of current applications.